9 Signs You Could Use A Spiritual Cleanse

What is a spiritual cleanse?

A spiritual cleanse is like a green juice for the soul.

You drink green juice to remove the toxins that have entered your body. These toxins enter your system as a result of the choices you’ve made and from exposing yourself (consciously and unconsciously) to harmful contaminants. 

Green juice detoxifies and purifies your body with vital nutrients so you can operate at your best.

A spiritual cleanse is no different.

A spiritual cleanse rids your spirit of the toxins – negativity, limiting beliefs, unaligned behaviors and choices, people and things that don’t serve your highest good – that you have consciously and unconsciously attracted into your life, and helps you become the highest, truest version of yourself. 

Cleansing your spirit looks different for everyone. To create one that works for you, you will want to select practices that resonate with you (just like choosing ingredients for a juice!). 

The basic components of a spiritual cleanse include spending an extended period of time in silence and away from distractions; prioritizing self-care; intentionally engaging in behaviors that align with who you truly are; having a consistent spiritual practice; removing negativity and people/things that don’t serve your highest good; and working with a spiritual coach to help you transcend limiting beliefs and connect more deeply with your soul. 

So, how do you know if you are in need of a spiritual cleanse?

Here Are 9 Signs You Could Use A Spiritual Cleanse:


1. You feel depleted

Lately, when people have asked you how you’ve been, your typical response is, “busy.” 

You’ve been running around caring for everybody else’s needs and neglecting your own. 

You feel exhausted and depleted. 

That is because you are drawing from the wrong well. You’ve been drawing from a finite well (energy sourced from caffeine, an evening on the couch watching TV, and a half night’s rest) rather than an infinite well (energy from the Source of it all). 

A spiritual cleanse will help you tap into your infinite well and renew your weary spirit.


2. You are easily annoyed by others

Your fuse is short (if your child asks you one more time where their shoes are, you are going to lose it!).

If you are easily annoyed by others, it is time to pause.

When others easily annoy you, it’s an indication that you’re attached to an outcome. You have an expectation about how someone else should act and when they don’t fulfill your expectation, you feel annoyed. 

Expectations, control, and agendas create struggle. 

Surrender and letting go create flow. 

Surrender and letting go come from your soul (not your mind). A spiritual cleanse helps you drop out of your head and into your soul, where you are guided to surrender.


3. You feel stressed

The pile on your desk and the pile of dirty laundry keep growing. You wonder how you will ever get it all done. 

You feel stressed.

Stress comes from your ego needing to know it all (how it will all get done). This is a signal to allow your soul to take the lead. 

You don’t need to know how it will all unfold. You simply need to trust your inner wisdom to guide you to the best next step.

A spiritual cleanse will help you hear your inner voice so that you can take the best next step.


4. You feel disconnected from yourself and Source

Feeling disconnected can seem like a part of you is hiding or missing. 

Busyness and life may have pulled you away from who you truly are, leaving you feeling “off.” You might be asking yourself, “Who am I? Who did I come here to be?”

Asking these questions can stir up pain and discomfort especially when the answers seem so far away.

A spiritual cleanse removes the external noise and brings you closer to your true self and Source so that you can remember who you are.


5. You feel anxious

Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is telling you to be afraid of something – your health, your bank account, the world, or your child’s well-being.

Fear of what could go wrong grips you with anxiety.

There are two types of anxiety – one that is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain and the other which is caused by focusing on fearful thoughts. Let’s talk about the latter.

When you repeatedly focus on fearful thoughts, you attract more things to be scared of into your life.

A spiritual cleanse helps you purify your thoughts and rewire your brain so that you focus on what’s going right with the world rather than what’s going wrong.


6. You’ve been playing, believing, thinking, and dreaming small

What do you really, really, really want?

I believe you know what that is.

If your dream hasn’t yet manifested, it is likely that you are holding a part of yourself back. 

Do you have a hidden dream and question if you could really thrive if you pursued that dream? If so, you’ve been playing, believing, thinking, and dreaming small. 

It’s time to cleanse yourself of those small thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and dreams, and step into the greatness that you are! 

A spiritual cleanse will help you do just that!


7. You feel unfulfilled

If your relationship, job, money, success, or life aren’t fulfilling you, you are looking in the wrong place to feel full.

Nothing outside of you will ever fill you up, so if you’re hoping it will, I invite you to go inward. 

One of my favorite quotes by Carl Jung is:

 “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 

When you take time to intentionally go within during a spiritual cleanse, you awaken your soul – the birthplace of fulfillment, joy, and abundance.


8. Your life doesn’t mirror who you truly are

When you were young, you had big hopes and dreams. If the younger version of you saw you today, would they recognize you? Would they ask, “Who are you?”

Over the years, you’ve made choices that don’t align with who you truly are. Those choices have built up over time and catalyzed into a life that looks nothing like who you long to be.

There is hope. 

A spiritual cleanse can wash away your false persona and reveal the real you who’s ready to create a life that aligns with your soul.


9. You feel stuck

Stuck, trapped, paralyzed, and stagnant. 

These words describe inactivity. 

You don’t want to be inactive. You want to be flowing like water.

Your soul is like water. Stagnant water is toxic, moving water gives you life. 

You are meant to move. Your soul craves movement, expansion, and growth.

A spiritual cleanse unclogs the spiritual energy that is blocked, which makes you feel stuck. It refreshes you with vibrant energy and helps you flow with life.


A Final Note!

Removing negativity, limiting beliefs, unaligned behaviors, and people/things that don’t serve your highest good can radically transform your life. Prioritize your spiritual and physical well-being by carving out sacred time to spiritually cleanse yourself of those things.

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