My Personal Story

Hi! I’m Jennifer. 

I’m so grateful you’re here. I hope you’ll reach out and tell me about you. I also invite you to learn a little about me and how my life’s journey has led me to serve women around the world as a spiritual life coach and meditation teacher. My life hasn’t always been soul-centered. Here’s how I learned how to live life to the fullest…

Jennifer Whitaker as a child in a dance costume

Like most children, I was born with immense curiosity and a big heart. I was incredibly sensitive to how others felt and wanted nothing more than to make them (including animals) feel loved. My carefree spirit changed in elementary school, however. I was severely bullied, which led me to believe that something was wrong with me – that I was unlovable. 

I carried those feelings of unworthiness into college where I quickly discovered that drinking and partying gave me the confidence I desperately wanted. The little girl inside of me craved the attention, believing that it would lead me to love. Instead it led me into an emotionally abusive relationship.


By my mid-twenties, I was holding onto decades of insecurities and wounds while pretending I had it all together. I was an event planner for celebrities in L.A. My life looked glamorous. The truth was, it was a mess. I had massive credit card debt; felt unfulfilled and stuck in a meaningless job; and the relationship I was in was wreaking havoc on my friendships and self-worth.

It wasn’t until my then boyfriend threatened to leave me on the side of the road for asking him if he made a wrong turn (read the full story here) that something awakened within me. In that moment, I told myself I was done with the abuse. In that moment, I chose me.


Jennifer Whitaker in college at a party

I didn't even know what "choosing me" meant at the time. The only thing I knew was that I felt a stirring from deep within telling me I was meant for more.

Leaving that relationship was the catalyst to my transformation, but it felt like I was in the depths of despair. I felt lost and unsure of who I was. 

Even though I had taken the courageous step to leave an abusive relationship, I was overcome with fear and self-doubt. I wondered –

“Who am I?”

“What is my purpose?”

“Is this as good as life gets?”

“How do I create a better life?”

As I wrestled with those questions, my soul stirred once again. This time, I heard my inner voice say that it was time to let my soul lead my life.

I knew my soul - my inner voice - was speaking truth into me. So, I learned how to strengthen my inner voice and listen to her.

Jennifer sitting on the edge of a creek with her toes in the water

My soul led me to nature where I began to remember who I am. Nature stripped me of my false persona and left me with my essence, inner wisdom, and a renewed connection with the Divine.

I started meditating consistently. Life became sacred – ordinary days turned into extraordinary days – by becoming present and connected to my soul. 

It was here, in this newly expansive space, where I learned that out of nothing, I could create anything. I no longer believed I wasn’t good enough. I believed anything was (and is) possible. 

Nature and spiritual practices awakened me and suddenly everything changed. Doors miraculously opened as I began to live a soul-centered life.

I took a big, bold step and chose to follow a dream that I’d had since I was a young girl – to work with Great Apes at a primate sanctuary.

I was told my dream was too big, too risky, and that I couldn’t make a living doing it. I didn’t listen to the fears of others. Instead, I trusted my soul to guide me.

Within four years of deciding to follow my soul, I became the Vice President of the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world and the youngest primate sanctuary executive in the U.S.. I worked closely with incredible people like Jane Goodall and was featured in The New York Times and NPR.

Everything that I had visualized – the fulfillment, community, job, title, salary, location, even the date that I wanted this to manifest (just shy of 3 days) – came true.

Jennifer Whitaker and Jane Goodall

I am living proof that if you connect with who you truly are and follow your soul, anything is possible.

Jennifer Whitaker laughing by Puget Sound

As my life flourished, I realized that I could create a bigger impact in the world by helping others become soul-centered. Through my non-profit work, I began to understand that the healing I wished to see on this planet had to start with our own personal and spiritual transformation.

Inspired by that understanding, I became a certified life coach, spiritual director, and meditation teacher. 

All of my passions – spirituality, nature, personal development, and purpose – are now weaved into my life’s work. I live a beautiful, soul-centered life, and now I get to help you do the same.

If you’re ready to discover the endless possibilities that exist for you too, you’re in the right place! To learn more about working with me, click here.