Jennifer Whitaker smiling.Fifteen years ago, I would’ve never thought that I’d be coaching others to live the life of their dreams. You see, at that time my life was a mess. I was coming out of an unhealthy relationship (which wreaked havoc on my relationships with family and friends), was $40,000 in credit card debt, and felt lost and unsure about who I was and what to do with my life.

Even though that was one of the darkest times of my life, I knew in the midst of it that I wasn’t destined to stay there. Something deep inside of me told me that I had a purpose to fulfill. It was that seed of truth that allowed me to grow into the person I am today.

So, how did I turn my messy life into one filled with beauty and awe?

I did some DEEP soul searching throughout that inward journey. I rediscovered my worth, my passions, and the power of coming home to myself. I remembered my love of animals and the natural world, and got my Master’s degree. I paid off my debt and mended my relationships with family and friends.

Still, I knew I was destined for more. 

I REALLY started to see things shift in my life when I changed my thoughts and beliefs around what I knew was possible. I created a vision for my life that included the career, salary, location, and lifestyle that I wanted. Within two years, I had well-exceeded what I had desired! I had my dream job, a six-figure salary, executive title, was featured in numerous media outlets including The New York Times and NPR, and moved to my favorite city.

I didn’t stop there. I continued to reach for the HIGHEST vision for myself.

Close up image of Jennifer Whitaker in nature.

Despite my success, I felt like something was missing. I didn’t feel fulfilled. I realized that although I had created a healthier and more authentic lifestyle over the past few years, I wasn’t expressing the fullness of who I was. I was holding back, playing it safe, and finding reasons why I should stay in my comfort zone. It was then that I began to understand that coming home to myself wasn’t a linear, one-time journey. It was and is cyclical and never-ending. The journey home simply got deeper as I expanded and grew and I was being beckoned again.

Instead of following that call, I convinced myself that I should be grateful for my success and that life was “pretty good.” God had other plans though and gave me a nudge. I lost my job and the man that I thought I was going to marry within weeks of each other. I was stripped of my identity – a successful career woman and my dream of being a wife and mother. I was devastated.

With plenty of time on my hands, I sat in silence and listened to the longings of my heart.

I discovered that I wanted to be happy without being attached to things/people. I had been yearning for something more, but I was afraid of completely surrendering. I wanted to be in control and to know the outcome. The fear of the unknown, dreaming big, and letting go crippled me. I resisted releasing outer attachments. I resisted the stirring that called deep within me, but now I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

It was at this moment that I decided to let go and allow the Divine to bring my best to me. As someone who loved to be in control, this step was incredibly hard. But, I persisted and trusted, and discovered that there’s a power within me that if allowed to be expressed, leads to the most delicious and fulfilling life.

Not long after that pivotal moment, a bigger vision was revealed to me – grander than I could have imagined. Did it scare me? Heck, yeah! But I trusted and followed, which allowed me to broaden and deepen my capacity to help others in ways that not only filled me, but filled others.

I now lead from a place of profound peace and authenticity. I now understand what it means to live life abundantly.

All of this is possible for you too and I would be incredibly honored to be a part of your journey by coaching you. If any part of my story resonates with you, I invite you to learn more about working with me. Click here to schedule a free Discovery Session.