About Me

Jennifer Whitaker at a park

Hi! I'm Jennifer!

If you had told me when I was in my mid-twenties that one day I’d be coaching women around the world on how to increase their self-worth, wealth, and impact, I wouldn’t have believed you. You see, at that time, I was at the lowest point in my life.

I had accrued massive credit card debt from reckless spending and had to couch surf to keep a roof over my head. I jumped from one unfulfilling job to another while juggling an emotionally abusive relationship.

Several years into my low point, I heard a divine whisper telling me,

“You are meant for more.”

That whisper woke me up. I left the relationship, pursued a more fulfilling career in the nonprofit sector, and began devoting my time to increasing my self-worth and studying the spiritual laws of manifesting.

Within two years, I became one of the youngest executives in my field. As the years progressed, I set bigger financial and impact goals (including the goal of coaching women to fulfill their dreams). Each and every time, I exceeded those goals within months of setting them.

I watched the women I coached easily manifest their dreams too – tripling their income, buying a second home, and starting their own foundations. I reflected upon my decades of work in philanthropy – raising millions of dollars by partnering with successful and inspiring women, many who had great fortunes.

A light bulb went off.

There was a common thread amongst us all – the secret sauce to manifesting that nobody talked about.

Every single one of us believed in our inherent worth and wealth. We KNEW we were divine beings born with infinite value and abundance.

The more we believed and embodied that truth, the more our lives reflected it in the form of external wealth. That wealth then fueled our missions, dreams, and soul’s purpose.

Jennifer Whitaker I AM DIVINE powerful

Why is this important? Because women who embody their divine worth and wealth have the potential to change the world with their manifested wealth.

If you are ready to make the highest contribution to the world, I invite you to learn more about my coaching programs.