About Me

Hi! I'm Jennifer!

Before becoming a Feminine Wealth Coach, being on the front page of The New York Times, and raising over $100 million over my career, I was the Queen of Stuck.

For seven years, I made $42,000. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get past this number. I longed to earn more – to stop losing sleep over my finances. But year after year, my income remained the same. I stood on the sidelines as I watched other successful women soar past me while I remained stuck and feeling behind.

I wondered, “What do they have that I don’t?”

What I didn’t know then was that unworthiness controlled my every thought and move. I didn’t know who I was beyond $42k. I thought, spoke, believed, worked, planned, shopped, and acted like a $42k woman. It was my identity. I wanted a bigger life, but every time I tried to take action, unworthiness would whisper to me, “you’re not good enough, you’re going to fail” and I’d freeze. It was an endless cycle I couldn’t escape.

But one day, I discovered the secret to getting unstuck.

When I shifted my identity from a $42k woman to a divinely worthy woman  – a woman who isn’t just confident in what she does but in WHO SHE IS – everything changed. I found the courage to make bold moves in my career. I stopped chasing and became magnetic. Everything I desired found me…FAST.

My success skyrocketed. I led and grew businesses from $0 to $30M and generated millions over my career.

I was grateful for the success, but over time, something felt like it was missing. I was exhausted from grinding – from showing up day after day in my masculine energy. I longed to create abundance that honored all parts of myself including my spiritual side, connection to nature, intuition, and creativity.

Divine intervention led me to seminary school, where I studied the Sacred Feminine for three years and became a certified spiritual director and life coach. Connecting with the Sacred Feminine felt like I was coming home to myself. I felt whole, alive, and more grounded in my worth than ever before.

Following my studies, I knew that in order for me to truly thrive, I had to bring all of myself – my sacred and feminine self – to my life and work.

That’s when I was inspired to do something revolutionary…I started weaving traditional money strategies and Sacred Feminine wisdom together. Shocked, I magnetized my first $100k month…and then my second.

I watched as my coaching clients easily manifested their dreams too – launching businesses and foundations, tripling their income, and changing lives with their work and wealth while also having time to be present with their loved ones.

Today, I continue to guide women to incredible results with my magical methodology that weaves divine worth and feminine energy into money and business. Once you learn this, anything is possible for you.

If you’re ready to rise into the woman who effortlessly doubles and triples her income, if you’re ready to have the lifestyle you desire and more spaciousness in your days, if you’re ready to make a bigger impact fulfilling your soul’s purpose, let’s chat!

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