Become the most magnetic
woman you know

Think of a woman who, no matter what she says or does,
abundance is drawn to her...people are captivated by her.

(What makes her different from all the rest?)

It's Not

It Is

Your experiences (and your income) are a reflection of who you believe you are.

That’s why magnetic women attract high-vibe people, create wildly successful businesses with jaw-dropping ease, and have time to savor a delicious cup of tea while everyone else hustles…they believe they’re sacred.

You don’t have to be Oprah to do this, it’s possible for you too.

Do you believe you are limited or sacred?

You, woman, are powerful. But a voice inside of you keeps telling you that you aren’t. It’s saying…

This isn’t you. It’s the voice of unworthiness.

It's time to remember who you truly are...


Magnetic Woman

The only 6-month, private coaching program solely dedicated to increasing your self-worth on a soul level so that you magnetize abundance with ease.

The most powerful way to magnetize abundance...transform the relationship you have with yourself.


The only thing that needs healing is your belief that something is wrong with you. You’re captivating exactly as you are and I’ll help you own that truth.


Without trust, you will remain frozen where you are. I’ll help you develop unshakeable faith in your sacred self so you feel emboldened to reach for the stars.


Money rollercoasters occur when you rely only on strategies to create abundance. I’ll teach you how to embody wealth so you consistently magnetize more than enough.

Just below the surface, there’s a dream, a mission, a liberated version of you...a call to something more.

You know you’re here to make waves and shine.

This is your time to RISE and you know it. You can FEEL it.

But something is holding you back.

You want to take a leap of faith. You want to follow your soul. You want to fully step into who you came here to be. You want to FLY, but fear and doubt keep reminding you why you can’t, why it’s not safe, how you’ll fail, how you will be judged, and who you’ll disappoint.

And so you stand at the precipice of something great…toes curled over the edge, never moving forward.

Your mind might tell you that you’ll be stuck here forever.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to tell you…

You’re not here by mistake. You’ve been divinely guided to this exact moment because you are ready… ready to believe the divine whisper saying, “You’re worthy of having everything your soul desires.”

I’m here to help you transcend fear and doubt so that when “not good enough” thoughts show up, they never again hold you back from the wealth and the life you desire.

I’m here to teach you how to massively uplevel your self-worth and confidence and create a sacred relationship with yourself, the Divine, and money.

I’m here to give you the tools so you can finally feel FREE.

Hi! I'm Jennifer!

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted big things for my life.

I wanted to speak on big stages, but I could barely look people in the eyes. I wanted to fall in love with my soulmate, but I repeatedly attracted unhealthy relationships. I wanted to make six-figures, but my income remained stuck at $42k for 7 years. I wanted to love my life, but I felt inadequate, behind, and embarrassed by all my mistakes.

I spent years trapped in this cycle until a spiritual experience woke me up and I committed to transforming my self-worth. My life radically changed from that day forward.

I now speak on stages alongside people such as Jane Goodall and Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s Bestselling authors. I’ve repeatedly magnetized multiple six-figure weeks in my business. My relationships are healthy and I’m madly in love with myself and my life.

Take it from me, when I say…there’s so much more waiting for you on the other side of unworthiness. I’d be honored to help you get there.

Jennifer Whitaker sitting on a bench

Abundance is on the
other side of "I'm not
good enough."


Magnetic Woman: What's included

Imagine how different your life would be if you spent 6 months in complete devotion to yourself and your dreams,

transforming your relationship with yourself and money… connecting with the sacred feminine…magnetizing wealth like never before.

Private coaching with Jennifer is only for women who are ready to have a deeply transformative experience. You will receive an abundance of direct time with Jennifer including 1:1 coaching, one Visioning Session, and unlimited weekday Voxer support. 

1-1 Private Calls

Deeply intensive, 1:1, 50-minute coaching sessions every other week.

Unlimited Coaching

Unlimited weekday coaching support from Jennifer on Voxer.

Visioning Session

Session dedicated to getting clear on where you want to be in 6 months and the path to get you there.

Pay-In-Full Bonuses

Private VIP Day

One 1/2 day VIP retreat (virtual or in person) to support you where you need it the most.

Radical Self-Love

Exclusive access to Jennifer’s 30 Days to Self-Love guide.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Library access – includes workbooks, videos, and meditations.

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Following months without any growth, Anna attracted her first client the day after our first session. She's got a waitlist now.

Natalia hit her first $30k month in less than 3 months by embodying her worth and putting an end to people pleasing.

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