Does something feel like it’s missing from your life, career, and money? You’re not alone.

Whether you hear a whisper, sense a stirring, or feel a fire in your belly…

Something within you is telling you there’s a better way to create wealth than what you’ve been taught.

The missing piece you’ve been seeking is within you.

Learn how to create and grow wealth by integrating your sacred and Feminine essence into your business.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is for the spiritual woman in biz who wants to learn how to manifest multiple 6-figures+ using a Feminine approach.

This is for the woman who has already reached (or is close to reaching) 6-figures and is ready to uplevel her wealth, career, and/or biz by trusting in her deeper wisdom, unleashing her Feminine gifts, and loving all aspects of herself, so she can be of service to the world.

As a private coaching student, you will learn how to do this using my signature methodology, Wealthy Like A Woman™ taught exclusively inside of my 1:1 programs.

Wealthy Like A Woman™ is the only comprehensive wealth methodology that weaves the Sacred Feminine into its teachings and frameworks. 

I combine the highest, most aligned, and effective money and business strategies with Feminine wisdom. You get the practical and magical weaved into one powerful program to help you rise into a whole new level of wealth. That’s why women are seeing such incredible results.

Some student wins include: 

What's Possible For You Inside 1:1 Coaching...

Rise into your divine worth – the highest level of self-worth

Align with $20k minimum income months energetically, spiritually, somatically, mentally, emotionally, and strategically

Transform self-doubt, fear, and inadequacy into unwavering trust

Balance masculine and Feminine energies

Unleash your Feminine gifts and inner Financial Genius

Set higher standards for how money works for you

Heal mother, religious, and intergenerational money wounds

Reclaim your inner peace and natural pace

Strengthen and follow your intuition to greater wealth and fulfillment

Connect the way you create wealth with natural cycles and seasons

Find clarity in your mission, vision, and spiritual purpose for being in a relationship with money

Expand your capacity to receive more money

Create a sacred relationship with money

Lead like a Goddess

Magnetize high-vibe, high-profile partners and collaborators

Use your wealth to make an impact

Private Coaching Offerings...

9-Month Coaching Package

Bi-weekly, 50-Minute Coaching Calls
Unlimited Voxer Messaging During Business Hours
Full Access To My Private Resource Library (Includes Previous Videos And Workbooks)
Free Access To Any Courses and Programs

INVESTMENT: $1,800/month

6-Month Coaching Package

Bi-Weekly, 50-Minute Coaching Calls
Unlimited Voxer Messaging During Business Hours
Full Access To My Private Resource Library (Includes Meditations, Videos, And Workbooks)

INVESTMENT: $2,000/month


Half Day (3.5 hours) virtual session with Jennifer to design a personalized, full-year Manifestation Plan to implement on your own.


Hi! I'm Jennifer, Your Wealth Coach and Sacred Feminine Guide.

Having led several multi-million-dollar organizations, working with the world’s wealthiest individuals, and generating millions over my career, I’ve learned what to do and what not to do when it comes to having, holding, and growing money. I know why some women easily magnetize money and why others struggle.

Within every personalized private coaching package, I weave my 20+ years of experience and education (B.S., M.A., MBA studies, CEO, and investor) with my spiritual path (certified Spiritual Director, certified coach, and formal training in the Sacred Feminine) so you not only find your way to more abundance but also find your way back home to yourself.

Natalia hit her first $30k month in less than 3 months by embodying her worth and putting an end to people pleasing.

Following months without any growth, Anna attracted her dream client the day after our first session. She's got a waitlist now.

Amie started her own consulting business after losing her job. She exceeded her 9-5 income working fewer hours and had so many clients, she had to turn some away. Most importantly, her self-worth and peace of mind skyrocketed!

Ju rose into a leadership role at the U.N.'s World Health Organization by learning how to lead with both her strategic mind and her Feminine gifts and strengths.

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