Rise Into A New Level of Wealth

By Awakening the Sacred Woman Within

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To the female entrepreneur who’s ready to thrive personally, spiritually, AND financially...

You created success. You followed the rules. You checked the boxes.

And now you’re wondering,

“What happened to the connection to my true self? Is it possible to be her, have the wealth and career I want, have spaciousness in my days, and feel alive? How do I break through my plateau and quickly reach my goals without pushing myself harder and losing my feminine essence?”

Whether it's doubling your income, reconnecting with your sacred self, having the lifestyle you desire, leaving a legacy for your family, or all of the above, you are meant for more and you know it.

The truth is, you’re here because you're ready to believe the voice that’s been telling you,

“You are worthy of and destined to have the abundance you desire.”

Welcome! I'm Jennifer.

I'm a mentor for spiritual women who desire to grow their wealth and businesses with feminine energy.

As a woman who once struggled to pay her bills, I know what it’s like to feel blocked and depleted.

My life forever changed when a spiritual experience awakened me to my divine worth. Following that awakening, I spent 20+ years growing multi-million dollar organizations and working with and learning the secrets to financial success from the wealthiest people in the world.

As I applied what I learned, I continued to deepen my self-worth by connecting with the Sacred Feminine and now this is the main ingredient I use to help my clients generate 6- and 7-figures with ease.

Today, my transformation combined with my spiritual, wealth, and business expertise are what uniquely sets me apart to guide you to become the most vibrant, impactful, and wealthy version of yourself.

I’m so passionate about this work because when women rise into their spiritual and financial power, they not only change their own lives, they also change the world.

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"Jennifer is a modern-day Renaissance Woman. She's a smart and compassionate teacher who knows how to deeply serve women and transform lives."

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust Survivor, Psychologist & New York Times Bestselling Author