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You are here for a reason. Whether it’s a dream to be pursued, a truth to be spoken, or a life to be enthusiastically lived, it’s time to shine your light.

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I created this journal for women who desire healing, authentic love, and a deeper connection with themselves. 

You, Woman, Are Powerful.

Oftentimes, as adults, we lose sight of who we truly are. We forget that we are divine, spiritual beings.

Our intuition tells us what's true and not. We can look into another's eyes and feel their pain. We love and forgive after devastating betrayals and heartbreaks. We heal and nurture others with our deep compassion. We sustain life.

That, my dear, is true power.

We are magical, miraculous women capable of so much more than we have allowed ourselves to be.

But today we rise. Today we commit to reawakening to our authentic selves and embracing our feminine power.

If you are ready to step boldly into the gorgeous, intuitive, creative woman you are; if you are ready to speak your deepest truth; if you are ready to live life to the fullest, I would love to connect with you.

With Me As Your Guide, You Will...

  • Together, we will unveil who you really are and embrace the TRUE YOU – the part of you that’s yearning to be expressed.

  • We will examine your beliefs and self-talk to help you overcome barriers to your divine power and build faith in what is possible.

  • Through a variety of exercises, I will help you reconnect to your inner light and voice and rediscover the Source of Love that unites us all.

Hey there, Beautiful!

I am Jennifer, spiritual director and coach for women seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world.

One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a cup of tea and discover what moves a person’s soul. When I connect with women, I become curious about who they really are, who they long to be, and how to help them get there.

I have learned through my own transformational journey that powerful shifts take place when women come together and share their stories, longings, and dreams.

My story (likely similar to yours) includes heartbreak, loss, and unfulfilled dreams. I spent years learning how to fall in love with myself and step into my divine, feminine power. Today, however, I feel alive, fulfilled, and at peace.

Learn more about my story and how I found my way to wholeness.

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