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You are here for a reason. Whether it’s a dream to be pursued, a truth to be spoken, or a life to be enthusiastically lived, it’s time to shine your light.

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You Have the Potential for Greatness

Each of us is here to better the world in our own unique way. I believe that we will find true fulfillment and success when we align with who we really are and do what we were created to do. 

I am here to help you awaken to your divine nature - the highest, most authentic version of yourself.

Oftentimes, as adults, we lose sight of who we truly are. We forget that we are divine beings made in the image and likeness of God. When you remember that you possess the power to have, do, and be anything you want, your life will be forever changed.

That's what happened to me.

Wellness, joy, abundance, and purpose dramatically appeared in my life when I fully accepted that I am connected to the Infinite and divine in potential. Seeing the divinity in others has also allowed me to heal relationships and deepen my connection with the world around me.

My cup is overflowing, and it can for you, too.

It is my hope that you overcome any negative self-talk telling you this is as good as it gets. Take a leap of faith, allow your true nature to be expressed, and better the world in a way that only you can!

You have the potential for greatness. It takes cultivation, and I have just the program to help you.

With Me As Your Guide, You Will...

  • Together, we'll connect with who you really are and reveal the TRUE YOU – the part of you that’s yearning to be expressed.

  • Through a series of spiritual exercises, you will learn how to remain unshakeable during the ups and downs of life.

  • We will examine your beliefs and self-talk to help you overcome barriers to your divine power and build faith in what is possible.

  • Feel alive! Learn how to thrive in life. Shine your light so brightly that it inspires others to do the same. This is the life God intended for you and I will help you do just that.

  • I will teach you how to mend and deepen your relationships, remove the walls of separation, be more open and present, and invite miracles into your life by seeing the divinity in all things.

  • Lasting fulfillment comes from serving others. I will help you develop a self-care practice so that you can lead and serve from a place of fullness and well-being.

"I find tremendous joy awakening people to their divine nature and inspiring them to share their gifts with the world." - Jennifer Whitaker

I am Jennifer Whitaker, spiritual life coach, entrepreneur, and speaker.

I spent years feeling unfulfilled in my career as a nonprofit executive. Even though I had become the youngest senior executive in my industry, I was riddled with anxiety and was disillusioned by the lack of empathy I saw in the world. I worked so hard at trying to change my thoughts and manifest the outcomes I desired in an attempt to feel better. Despite these efforts, I still lacked the joy and purpose I desperately wanted.

I gained some serious wisdom from those twists and turns and discovered a part of me that I had forgotten existed, my divine essence. I aligned with the power of God that had always been actively living within me and around me. This self-discovery changed my life and I suddenly found true fulfillment.

It is my desire to share what I learned with you. Find out how my experience can help you transform your life into that of abounding joy, success, and meaning.

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