5 Ways To Feel Hopeful Right Now

When we are faced with so much anger, loss, and grief, how do we have hope? I asked myself this very question as I sat with my own feelings and listened to the cries of those around me. The breath of fresh air – the answer to my question – came to me in the form of a list. I am sharing that list with you so that it may inspire as much hope in you as it has for me.

The Perfect Way God Showed Up For Me

Last week I had a classical music song stuck in my head. I couldn’t remember the name of the song, but remembered my mom playing it in our home growing up. For some reason, my heart really wanted to hear that song again.

The Path to Coming Home – Pt. 2

Sixteen years ago, I came home to myself when I left an abusive relationship (read my story here). That was the catalyst to my transformation. What sparks the decision to…

The Path to Coming Home – Part 1

My life transformed on the side of the road in Florida 16 years ago.It was a hot afternoon and my boyfriend and I were driving through Florida on a 3-month road trip…

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

In 2013 I did one of the riskiest things of my life. I quit my dream job to follow…a feeling. For years, I believed that if I found my purpose, I’d be happy. So, I put all of my energy into building my career…