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Hosted by spiritual life coach, philanthropy expert, and self-worth mentor, Jennifer Whitaker, the Embodying Wealth podcast is the go-to show for women who want to radically increase their self-worth, wealth, and impact. Through spiritual guidance, actionable steps, and energetic principles, Jennifer will help you think, speak, and act like the thriving, wealthy soul you came here to be. If you want to have the most abundant and fulfilling year of your life, hit the follow button and get ready to magnetize the miracles that have been waiting for you.

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Welcome to Embodying Wealth Podcast. My name is Jennifer Whitaker and I’m a spiritual life coach, philanthropy expert, investor, and entrepreneur. I’m on a mission to empower women to change the world with their wealth. If you’re ready to have the most abundant year of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

My intention for this podcast is to give you the. You need to step out of scarcity and inadequacy and into your divine nature. A thriving, wealthy, and abundant soul on a mission. Wealth isn’t the result of a master mindset or skillset. Wealth is a state of being, and by pushing play, you will start the process of embodying your inherent worth and wealth so you can magnetize the life you desire and make the highest contribution to the world.

Are you. Have the most abundant year of your life. Let’s go.

I am so excited for today. Today is our first episode of Embodying Wealth Podcast and I’ve been feeling called to start this podcast for quite some time. I spent. Several months meditating on the idea. And the more I meditated on it, the more I saw a deep yearning, a deep desire, a deep need for a podcast just like this one that teaches and empowers women.

To not just build wealth, but to embody wealth, to teach women how to radiate their wholeness, their divine worth, and have a deep, unwavering knowing. Just this knowing in your heart and soul. That you bring such significant value to this world because I believe that there has never been a more urgent time as now for women to build massive wealth by being who they came here to be.

We need more women at the table. Making big decisions, writing big checks. The world needs us and women are being called to rise up and bring much needed healing to this world. And so many of us have lost sight of who we are, and we’ve forgotten that we are divine, whole, and brilliant women. Capable of so much more than we’ve allowed ourselves to be.

We’ve allowed scarcity and in adequacy to keep us small, and that is not who we came here to be. So embodying wealth helps us to remember who we are. Helps us to remember that we are divine worthy and wealthy. And the moment that we remember that is the moment that our world changes. Because if you think about women who know their value, who embody their divinity, think about them.

Those women are the ones that show up differently. They walk into this room and you just gravitate towards them. These are the women who use their overflow to financially back political candidates. They back nonprofits. They fund startups that support such important causes, and we need more women like that in this world.

That’s how we’re going to create the massive change that we need to see in this world. That’s how we’re going to empower our children. That’s how we serve the world. I believe all women should have the opportunity to experience wealth. I want you to know what it feels like to trust that you’ll always have more than.

I want you to know what it feels like to transcend scarcity thinking once and for all. That is such a liberating place to live your life today. I want to dive deep into the expression embodying wealth. What does it mean? And how do you embody wealth? So first, if you are intrigued by the phrase, the expression, embodying wealth, you are in the exact right place.

And if this phrase or expression embodying wealth triggers you, it makes you feel feelings of scarcity or judgment, or perhaps, I don’t know, if this wealth thing is for me, then you are absolutely in the right place. So, as I was preparing for this podcast, a memory popped into my. I love how the universe works that way.

Memories, wisdom, and divine teachings arrive at the absolute perfect time, and that’s exactly what happened with this memory. I remembered as I was preparing for this podcast that when I was nine years old, I started to consciously embody wealth. That’s when this practice actually began, and I had totally forgotten about that.

It was the start of my summer break. So school had just ended and I was already preparing for the next school year. I started to think about what I wanted the next school year to look like. And at the time I was, had this deep longing to attend a very prestigious private school, and I currently was enrolled in a public school, but I really, really wanted to go to this prestigious private school.

My mom was a school teacher there, so I knew the school rather well. I was enamored by their programs, educational programs. The classes just seemed really interesting. They were very experiential. And then the afterschool programs, they had so many different really cool programs from theater to field hockey to equestrian riding horses.

I just knew. In my heart of hearts that I would thrive at this school, that I would expand at this school. I would learn so much I felt in my bones that I belonged there. And so as I hoped and longed to go to this school, I began to picture that the start of the school year, in the fall I was gonna be attending that school, and again, I was nine years old.

I did not know anything about manifestation. The secret had not come out. I didn’t know about embodying wealth. I did not know about acting as if I didn’t know any of those spiritual practice. But something inside of me told me that I belonged there. And so I began to use my imagination and pretend that I was already going to that school, and I started to listen to classical music.

There was something about that music that really made me feel, like I attended a prestigious private school. It made me feel, wealthy. It made me feel, just in a different vibration than I had. And I started to clean my room more, and clean the house I was picturing that I was living in. Huge mansion.

And it’s not like my house wasn’t wonderful and great, but I just pretended that I was living, a massively wealthier lifestyle than I was. I pretended like I already was friends with the kids at that school and that was my lifestyle. And I practiced this for a few weeks, pretended this. Imagine. And one day my mom came up to me and she had no idea that I was imagining this or pretending this was just between myself and the universe.

And she said to me, Jennifer, something is different about you and I’ve been watching you, around the house and doing different things, and I didn’t ask you to do any of. Things, but you’re cleaning your room and you’re cleaning the house and you’re just, you got just this really different attitude. I want to give you $50 for all your efforts.

And at the time, $50 felt so big. It was so much, and I manifested this money because I embodied wealth because I, in my being knew it was meant for me. I knew I belonged there. I knew I was it, and when I showed up that way, I magnetized financial wealth for a kid. That is the essence of embodying wealth.

It’s moving through the world with a deep knowing that you don’t just deserve wealth. You are wealth, you are abundance, because that’s the truth. We all were created to thrive. You have God energy. Source energy, universal energy, divine energy, whatever you feel comfortable saying. You have this energy embedded in your cells, you and every living being has been designed this way.

That’s how the embryo turns into the child. That is how the seed turns into a flower. You are literally wired for success. You are literally wired for abundance. How amazing is that? So the practice or the lifestyle of embodying. Helps you remember who you are. It helps you remember that you are wealth.

And if you’re wondering, how can I be wealth? Well, I love to tell you because here’s the thing, we’ve redefined, I don’t know if that’s an actual word, , but we’re gonna pretend it is today. We’ve misdefined the word. We’ve come to believe that wealth only means having a lot of money when actually the true meaning of the word wealth, the root of the word wealth, is whole, well and of significant value, whole well and of significant value.

So when you embody your wealth, you move through the world, you act, you speak you love, you raise your family, you build your business, you write big checks, you play, you rest, whatever it is that you wanna do. You do it from a deep knowing. That you are whole. You are well. You are one that has significant value.

And when you show up in the world radiating this version of you, you my dear, become unstoppable and nothing can stand in the way of you fulfilling your divine mission. No fear, no doubt, shame and inadequacy, scarcity can hold you back when you show up from this place. I have seen the miracle of this practice show up time and time again in my clients.

And just recently I saw it, manifest in two of my clients. I had. Started coaching them. It was probably late spring, early summer and both of them, within three months of working with them, teaching them how to embody their wealth, how to embrace their divine worth and value, had the highest earning months of their career so far.

And when I asked them what their big takeaways were, what really stood out from our short time working together. What they both said, which was really interesting that it was both said something very similar was while they were really grateful that they had. Attracted or magnetized manifested their highest earning months.

The thing that was the most valuable to them was the fact that they, for the first time really felt like they had a deep sense of self worth that. Knew they were divinely infinite, that they could do anything. They knew the value that they brought to the world, and that is why I created this podcast.

That is what I desire for you. I want you to know how precious and sacred you are. I want you to know how much better this world is because you’re in it. And I want you to know an experience that just by being you, you can massively build wealth and impact the world. I get this question all the time.

They asked me, Jennifer , how can I start to begin embodying wealth, especially when my finances or my situation looks nothing like where I want it to be? And I always say, the best place to start is in a place of deserving this, deserving this. Will always lead to knowing this and knowing this, that you are worthy of wealth.

That you are wealth, but it starts with deserving this. So I invite you right now just to put your hands on your heart. Close your eyes for a moment and just say out loud. I deserve wealth.

I deserve wealth.

I deserve wealth.

And if thought surface that tell you no, you don’t write them down. and ask yourself where those thoughts came from, because I’m telling you, they are not your thoughts and they are not the universe’s thoughts. They are not God’s thoughts. God doesn’t believe you aren’t deserving of wealth because lack does not come from God.

It comes from people. So who told you you don’t deserve wealth? Whoever that is, it’s time to give those beliefs back to them because they do not belong to you. You my love are liberating yourself from an old paradigm. And creating something new, a new world where you can live comfortably and make an impact, a new world where you can build massive financial wealth for yourself, for your family, for your community, by being your true self.

And by listening to this podcast, you’ve already begun to embark on this powerful journey. So I hope you will continue to tune into future episodes and be a part of this community of women who are changing the world by embodying wealth.

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