11 Benefits of Meditation for Women

I cannot think of a more powerful, daily spiritual practice than meditation. 

As you scan through the ages to the beginning of time, you will find that all of the prophets, master teachers, sages, and spiritual guides meditated (regardless of their religion). 

There’s a reason why.

Meditation connects you to your divinity. More than ever, our planet needs women who are connected to this part of themselves.

When you connect to your higher self, a whole new world opens up to you.

This world that previously seemed untouchable is where you become one with your unlimited potential, endless possibilities, inner wisdom, and never-ending joy and peace.

In other words, meditation brings out the best in you and has a powerful healing effect that ripples out to others.

Meditation helps you see the patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and gives you the capacity to heal and release them in ways that you haven’t been able to before.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

The benefits of meditation are plentiful (too many to list here). So, I’ve selected 11 of the most powerful effects of meditation and listed them below.


11 Benefits of Meditation for Women


1. Meditation rewires your brain so that your limiting beliefs dissolve and your empowering thoughts emerge

When you live in a continued state of negativity, stress, and worry, your brain wires itself to make you believe things like: you aren’t good enough, you’ll never achieve your dreams, you’re in danger, and you’re going to fail. 

I’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to live in that world ever again. 

Meditation weakens the neural connections that create your limited mindset. 

As this part of your brain weakens, the part of your brain that aligns your thoughts with the thoughts of your divine self strengthens. 

The result? Your limiting beliefs dissolve and your empowering thoughts emerge.


2. Meditation connects you to your creative spirit and brings forth innovative ideas and solutions never thought of before

You are a creator. You may not feel like one because layers of stress, self-doubt, anxiety, unworthiness, inadequacy, and other forms of resistance are piled on top of your creative spirit.

Meditation removes those layers of resistance, revealing your inner genius. 

You were born with valuable ideas, messages, and solutions that nobody else possesses. Your creations are exactly what the world needs. 

Your creative genius is there right inside of you. You don’t have to go looking for her. You simply have to go within.


3. Meditation helps you hear your soul’s voice so you can be guided to your absolute best

Underneath the chatter in your mind is your soul’s voice. Until you quiet the chatter, you’ll struggle to hear your inner wisdom. You’ll wonder what’s best for you, unsure if you are hearing your soul’s voice or the voices of the world. 

Silence brings you into communion with your soul. You become familiar with your inner voice and through practice, learn what it feels like when you are following your soul and moving towards your highest good.

Over time, meditation will help you clearly know your soul’s YES and NO.


4. Meditation boosts your immune system and increases your energy and vibrancy

The mind-body–soul connection is miraculous! And so is your immune system.

Your immune system is incredibly intelligent and has even been called the “floating brain” because of the way your immune cells respond to chemical messages.

The science of how meditation affects the immune system is still unfolding. Nonetheless, an abundance of data exists proving how powerfully meditation affects your immune system. 

Meditation increases antibodies that fight off infection and diseases. It also reduces inflammation, decreases stress hormones, regulates blood pressure, reduces the aging of your brain and body, treats infertility, and reduces chronic pain.

Because meditation makes you feel better, your vibrancy and energy increase too. Feeling alive and vibrant is a critical component of fulfilling your divine mission. You can’t serve fully from a half-empty cup.


5. Meditation helps you release the struggle of trying to make things happen so that you can receive more by doing less

Society has taught us that we must push through the pain; strive for our best; climb to the top; keep up with the Joneses, and beat our competition; and it has left us feeling depleted, unfulfilled, unhappy, and sick.

The truth is, pushing magnifies inertia and makes you more stuck. That is because what you push against, pushes back against you. What you resist, persists.  

If you desire outer transformation, it must begin on the inside. 

That’s where meditation comes in.

When you meditate, you are drawn inward where you connect with your divine essence. In silence, you will remember that you are an expression of the Divine. Therefore, you too are the source of energy, resources, abundance, opportunities, and miracles required to manifest your desires.

Meditation helps you remember that pushing to make things happen comes from the mind. Flow, ease, and inspired action come from the soul. 

As you embody this truth and release the struggle of making things happen, you become vastly open to receiving what it is you truly desire.


6. Meditation increases feelings of gratitude allowing you to attract more things of which to be grateful

Meditation helps you shift your focus from what’s going wrong with the world to what’s going right. 

Meditation literally rewires your brain so that you see the world in a more positive light than negative.  

As a result, you become more grateful. 

Quantum physics teaches us that like attracts like. So, when you maintain a feeling of gratitude throughout your day, you attract more things for which to be grateful.


7. Meditation helps you remember who you truly are so you can create a rich, full life being YOU

It’s easy to forget who you are when you are bombarded with messages from advertisements, society, religion, and well-meaning family members telling you who you are and how you should be living your life. 

Before you know it, you’re playing a role that is far from who you truly are. 

Meditation dissolves the false sense of separation between your self and Self. 

The more time you spend meditating, the more you will become familiar with your true self. Meditation will bring you home to yourself. 

For me, it was like, “Oh, there you are!”

Once you reconnect with your infinite and sacred self, you will automatically be inspired to create a life that aligns with who you truly are.


8. Meditation deepens your compassion so that your relationships improve and you feel more connected to the world around you

Meditation strips you of your ego – the part of you that is self-centered – and brings forth the part of you that is soul-centered. 

When you are soul-centered, the walls of separation crumble and you deeply sense your connectedness to all life. You see the divinity in yourself and all beings. 

With that, springs forth compassion.

Suddenly, the world becomes magical and sacred. When this happens, you can’t help but embody love. Others will feel love emanating from you and mirror back their love for you.


9. Meditation calms your racing mind so that you can be present

Your mind is like a screaming baby. Wherever you go, you carry with you a screaming child.

You go to work…screaming. You take a bath…screaming. You go to bed…screaming.

Until you pay attention, nurture, and create boundaries with your inner screaming baby, it will control you and suck the joy out of your life.

Meditation calms the screaming child in your head. It soothes your racing mind and allows it to relax. When you are relaxed, you become present. 

When you are present, you deepen your connection with yourself and others resulting in more happiness and peace.


10. Meditation decreases anxiety

I want to preface this section by saying that I am not a doctor and am not providing medical advice. Nor am I suggesting that you should stop taking anti-anxiety medication if that is what you’ve been prescribed. 

I began meditating decades ago to help manage anxiety. Since then, anxiety has practically vanished from my life. I attribute that largely to having a consistent meditation practice. 

Meditation calms the mind so that anxious thoughts have a place to rest. 

My meditation teacher, Cyndi Lee, once said that meditation is like a ship in the ocean. It provides a fluttering bird (your mind) with a place to land. The bird (your mind) may fly off again, but it will be gently guided back to the ship (through meditation) to once again land and rest.  

Over time and with consistent practice, your mind won’t want to fly off with anxious thoughts. It will prefer to stay safe and calm, nestled in your peaceful existence.


11. Meditation enables you to lead your life from your soul rather than your head

As you sit in silence, you will slowly drop out of your head and into your soul. 

Your mind thinks it knows what’s best for you. Your soul knows better. 

Your soul is connected to Infinite Intelligence and has access to wisdom from the past, present, and future that your brain doesn’t.

Therefore, your soul has the ability to lead you to your highest good. 

Your mind does not. 

The more you meditate, the more you will strengthen your soul’s muscles and learn how to let it guide you to your best life. 


A Final Note!

If life has pulled you away from yourself, your dreams, and your joy, go inward. Allow meditation to powerfully transform your life.


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