10 Powerful Questions to Ask the Divine When You Feel Lost

You feel lost.

Perhaps the busyness of life has pulled you away from yourself or you’ve encountered some setbacks. You may have made some choices that don’t align with your soul, and now you’re not sure who you are anymore or where to go from here. 

Regardless of what brought you to this point, you are in the right place.

The discomfort that you’re feeling stems from your mind telling you that you’re lost. 

Your mind will often tell you things that aren’t true.

Your soul, on the other hand, knows the truth.

The truth is, you’re not lost. 

What you are feeling is the expanded version of yourself calling you into a bigger life and you’re not sure how to get there. 

Right now, you are being stretched and prepared for your Holy YES life and it’s stirring up some discomfort. 

That’s a good thing! 

To lean into your growth and expansion, which will produce miraculous results, set aside some sacred time for you to connect with your true self and the Divine, and listen to the whispers of your soul. 

I’ve created 10 powerful questions for you to ask the Divine so you can gain clarity, peace, and direction. These questions profoundly deepened my connection with my soul and showed me that no matter where I am in life, my needs will always be met. 

When you ask, the Divine ALWAYS responds. 

10 Powerful questions to ask the Divine when feeling lost:


Find a place where you won’t be interrupted and spend sacred time asking the Divine these questions. Journal the responses so you can go back and reflect on what was revealed to you. 

Be sure to ask these questions more than once too. As you connect more deeply with your soul, the answers will progressively get deeper (like peeling away the layers of an onion).


1. What is trying to emerge from me?

There is an expanded part of you that’s calling you. 

This is who you came here to be.

Get to know and become intimate with that part of you by asking, “What is trying to emerge from me?”


2. How do you want to use me during this time?

You’re in a transitional season. Seasons don’t last forever. Even in the longest of winters, spring eventually comes. 

It’s helpful to remember too that every season has a purpose. 

Embrace the gift of this season by asking, “How do you want to use me during this time?”


3. What is it that you are trying to reveal to me?

Your human eyes cannot see all that is transpiring behind-the-scenes to bring you your miracles.

There are things that you have been blind to (unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs, and untapped gifts), that once revealed and healed, can help you grow into the person you are meant to be. 

Discover what that is by asking, “What is that you are trying to reveal to me?”


4. What is absolutely true in this moment?

During challenging times, it is easy to focus on the negative and believe that the world is an awful place, that you are going to be stuck in this season forever, and that you will never find your purpose. 

Is any of that actually true? Could it hold up in the court of law?


So, what is true? Find out by asking, “What is absolutely true in this moment?”


5. What is the next step I should take?

What may feel unsurmountable becomes possible when you take one step at a time. 

Receive guidance on what your next step should be by asking, “What is the next step I should take?” 

Take that step and then ask again.


6. What needs to come and what needs to go?

You must let go of the things that no longer serve you to make space for the expansive life that’s on its way to you.

Letting go requires honesty, vulnerability, and bravery. 

Receiving miracles requires faith, expectancy, and a vision. 

Each of those qualities live within you. 

Activate them by asking, “What needs to come and what needs to go?”


7. Who am I beyond my identities?

When someone asks you who you are, do you list the roles that you play – mother, executive, daughter, or friend?

Who are you without those identities?

Who is the YOU who is underneath all of the societal and cultural conditioning?

Who are you before the world got its hands on you?

Discover the truth of who you are by asking, “Who am I beyond my identities?”


8. Who do I need to forgive?

Holding resentment for another keeps you small. You cannot step into the expanded version of yourself while holding onto the past. You have to let it go. 

Forgiving another releases you from the bondage of the past so you can flourish in the present. 

Ask, “Who do I need to forgive?” and then take the appropriate steps to let them go.


9. What is yearning to be expressed?

You’ve got gifts bottled up inside of you that you aren’t aware of. Isn’t that exciting?! 

Within you exists ideas, solutions, creations, messages, and love that can transform the world. 

Bring those things to the light by asking, “What is yearning to be expressed?”


10. What message do you have for me right now?

The Divine is always speaking to you (sometimes in subtle whispers and other times in loud screams). 

Listen closely to what the Divine is trying to tell you right now by asking, “What message do you have for me right now?”


A Final Note!

When you ask empowering questions to the Divine, you will ALWAYS receive a response. Be patient with the process and allow the answers to come to you in whatever form and time they need to. I know it’s hard to be patient when you’re in a difficult season. Just remember, you’re on the path to something magical. You’re not lost. You’re on your way home to yourself.

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