I am so proud of you! If you have found yourself here, you’ve just taken a HUGE step towards claiming your best life.

To me, coaching is sacred work. I follow words, tears, laughter, and silence to the heart’s truth. It’s in that truth that magic happens. For when we rest there, the part of you that’s yearning to be expressed begins to emerge. You begin to feel more connected, empowered, and full.

And you deserve to shine.

Have questions? I’ve answered a few below.


Do you schedule Discovery Sessions?

I offer Discovery Sessions for a select few of my coaching programs. I will indicate on my webpage if I offer a Discovery call for a particular program. In our 20-minute call, we will learn more about each other to determine if we want to work together. I will ask you basic questions about your intentions and aspirations. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions too. Please note that this is not a coaching session. It is simply an opportunity to get to know one another and answer questions.

Who are Jennifer’s programs geared towards?

I work with women who want to increase their self-worth, wealth, and contribution to the world. 

Does Jennifer work with men?

No. I no longer coach men and now solely work with women. 

What are Jennifer’s qualifications?

Spirituality (non-religious), personal development, and nature are central to my coaching. I have received extensive training in all three areas.

Coaching: I am a certified life coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and was mentored by Marion Franklin, one of the original founders of life coaching and author of The Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching.

Spirituality: I am a trained spiritual director (see description below) through San Francisco Theological Seminary. I’ve also received my certification as a  meditation teacher through Yoga International. I come from a long line of spiritual teachers and guides dating back to the 1600s, and bring my inherited spiritual gifts to coaching. 

Philanthropy: I have decades of experience in the philanthropy sector, leading several of the world’s most recognized environmental and animal welfare organizations as a philanthropy executive. 

Throughout my career, I have mentored and coached countless executives, managers, entrepreneurs, students, stay-at-home moms, and retirees to believe in their divine worth, embody their wealth, and express their love with their increased income.

What is Spiritual Direction?

I sometimes weave elements of spiritual direction into coaching sessions.

I describe spiritual direction as a journey that helps you connect more deeply with yourself and God (you may call this Spirit, Source, or Love). Spiritual direction guides you towards and strengthens your inner wisdom, helping you to connect with your divinity. 

Why should I work with Jennifer?

I have been where you are. I’ve struggled to overcome limiting beliefs and desired to live a more abundant and fulfilling life. Because of my personal insights into what you are going through, I will be able to identify blind spots and help you step into the worthy and wealthy woman you are.

I’ve decided I want to work with Jennifer. Now what?

Thank you for trusting me to guide you along this important journey! Please email [email protected] to schedule your Discovery Call. From there, we will determine if we are the right fit.