Signature Programs

My coaching programs are for women who are ready to connect with the deepest and truest part of themselves. 

Flourish is a 3.5-month, group coaching program for women who are ready to live fully and authentically and experience the power of coming home to themselves. Your journey to feeling whole and worthy; to finding passion and purpose; to being connected and present, starts here.

Includes 14 group coaching sessions; one private session; Q&A sessions; customized exercises and homework to help you reach your desired results; accountability and community support; and unlimited email access to me during the length of the program. And that’s just the start!

This program is for you if…

  • You want to experience life more fully than what you are currently experiencing.
  • You’ve been doing what’s expected of you, but you dream of creating a different path.
  • You’re exhausted from playing a role and not being the real you.
  • You’re ready to stop talking yourself out of following your dreams by telling yourself you can’t, you aren’t good enough, or it’s too late.
  • You want to use your gifts to change the world, but wonder if you could really make a difference.
  • You feel weighed down by insecurity, busyness, loneliness, and lack of purpose.
  • Something inside of you is telling you that’s there’s more to you…to this life, but you don’t know how to get there.

Together we will…

  • Discover who you truly are and what you desire most in life.
  • Overcome subconscious limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and paralyzed.
  • Broaden your vision to see the possibilities and power that reside within you.
  • Heal emotional and spiritual wounds that have prevented you from loving yourself and owning your worthiness.
  • Learn to listen to and trust your intuition.
  • Increase your confidence so you can say “no” to the things that aren’t serving you and “yes” to the life you deserve.
  • Equip you with tools that you can use throughout your life to remain aligned with the highest, truest version of yourself.
  • Empower you to rise up, speak up, and blossom into the beautiful goddess that you were created to be.

You will…

  • Feel excited and passionate about your life.
  • Have increased self-confidence and self-love.
  • Feel fulfilled by living a life that is authentic to you.
  • Have improved relationships and deeper, heart-centered connections with others.
  • Feel seen, heard, and loved.
  • Bring healing to the world by tapping into your divine potential and feminine power.

Private Coaching with Jennifer

I offer a limited number of private, 1:1 coaching for those who are committed to taking significant steps towards the life they deserve and desire. My private coaching program is an intensive version of Flourish. Rather than working with me in a group setting, I focus solely on you.

Our six months together begins with an in-depth look at your needs, desires, goals, and challenges. From there I will create a customized program specifically for you. We will move at your own pace. As a bonus, we will cover additional modules not included in the group version of Flourish

Includes 26 private, 1:1 coaching sessions; customized exercises and homework to help you reach your desired results; personalized inspirational messages from me in between sessions; and unlimited email access to me during the length of the program.

*5% of all profits go to One Tree Planted to support global reforestation.