Virtual VIP Day

For leaders who are ready to radically transform the world by integrating feminine power and a higher consciousness into their business.

This is a full day, 1:1, highly transformative experience with just you and Jennifer where you will heal patriarchal narratives and approaches to leadership and business; reprogram your mindset so that you feel empowered to express your untapped sacred feminine side; learn how to lead consciously; align your business with your life’s mission, and map out the next steps for your business and life with a renewed sense of being.  
Jennifer Whitaker sits on the grass


  • Spending a full day with Jennifer exploring, learning, recreating, and transforming yourself, your business, and the world.
  • Being personally guided to your highest expression as a leader by a spiritual director, coach, nonprofit executive, business owner, keynote speaker, and friend who brings 20+ years of experience in spirituality, leadership, mentoring, women’s empowerment, business development, mindset, environmentalism, wealth, and more.
  • Committing to and investing in yourself by actually setting aside time in your busy schedule to expand and grow into the person you are being called to be.
  • Being encouraged to dream, brainstorm, and stretch yourself; where the focus is 100% on you, your dreams, your purpose, your business, and the exact next steps necessary to shift into your next level calling.

During our sacred time together, you will learn how to...

  • Create a culture of power with people rather than power over people.
  • Restore balance and wholeness in yourself by fully and equally expressing your Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine sides.
  • Shift the way you lead – from fear and stress to love and care.
  • Make choices that serve everyone not just your business.
  • Create rapid world change by tapping into your unexpressed sacred feminine power.
  • Lead with love, compassion, forgiveness, commitment, courage, and authenticity.
  • Become a whole, aligned, and flexible leader.
  • Increase revenue without depleting the planet or harming others.
  • Embody a magnetic, fully expressed sacred feminine leader.
  • Shift from building a company to building a mission and serving something bigger.
  • Feel more alive and energized by your work.
  • Inspire others to become conscious leaders through your example.

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