I am so proud of you! If you have found yourself here, you’ve just taken a HUGE step towards claiming your best life.

I encourage you to peek around my site to learn more. Make sure you access the free tools and resources that I created just for you too!

Still have questions? I have answered a few common questions below.

What does it mean to awaken to one’s divine nature?

It means seeing yourself as divine; knowing that you were made in the image and likeness of God; remembering who you truly are; and understanding that because you are One with God, you are equipped to follow your calling.

How will Jennifer help me?

I have found tremendous joy and I believe it comes from a simple formula that I will help you practice and embody. Embracing Your True Self + Aligning Your Life with Who You Are + Serving the World = Miraculous Success and Fulfillment.

Who are Jennifer’s programs geared towards?

I coach adults of any age who yearn to live more fully. My clients are women who are awakening to who they truly are, desiring deeper connections with others, and preparing to use their gifts to inspire and heal the world.

What are Jennifer’s credentials?

I am a certified life coach. I also hold a Master’s of Arts degree from Prescott College. Throughout my career, I have mentored countless executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and individuals who sought a more fulfilling life. I enjoy integrating spirituality into my coaching. I come from a long line of pastors and spiritual advisors (dating back to the 1600’s) and incorporate what I have learned from these interfaith teachings into my practice.

Why should I work with Jennifer?

I have been where you are – from struggling to find my purpose to finding unconditional happiness regardless of my circumstance. Because of my personal insights into what you are going through, we will be able to connect deeply, enabling us to work through areas where you have been stuck.

I’ve decided I want to work with Jennifer. Now what?

Thank you for trusting me to guide you along this important journey! Please fill out and submit the contact form to schedule your free 15-minute Discovery Session. From there, we will proceed with the right coaching program for you.