I am so proud of you! If you have found yourself here, you’ve just taken a HUGE step towards claiming your best life.

To me, coaching is sacred and holy work. I follow words, tears, laughter, and silence to the heart’s truth. It’s in that truth that magic happens. For when we rest there, the part of you that’s yearning to be expressed, begins to emerge. You begin to feel more connected, whole, and radiant.

And you deserve to shine.

The first step towards working together is to schedule a free, 30-minute Discovery Session. Click here to schedule your call.

Still have questions? I have answered a few below.

What happens during a Discovery Session?

During our 30-minute call, we will learn more about each other to determine if we want to work together. I will ask you basic questions about your intentions and aspirations. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions too. Please note that this is not a coaching or spiritual direction session. It is simply an opportunity to get to know one another.

What is Spiritual Direction and how does it differ from coaching?

Both are methodologies that help you align with your true self and the Divine.

I describe spiritual direction as a journey in which the director (me) helps the directee (you) connect more deeply with yourself and God (you may call this Spirit, Source, or Love). In a conversation that looks a lot like therapy, I help draw out the inner wisdom that already exists within you so that you feel empowered to answer questions weighing on your heart, speak the words you’ve been longing to say, and discern the path your soul desires. I don’t tell you what to do (whereas in coaching, I offer suggestions to help you reach your goals). Instead, I guide you to uncover your own truth and what’s right for you. Spiritual direction is not therapy and doesn’t take the place of therapy, but works well with it. A spiritual direction relationship can be ongoing with no definitive end or used during a particular time of need. Regardless of the length of time we spend together, I will walk beside you as you navigate the highs and lows of life.

Who are Jennifer’s programs geared towards?

I work with individuals who identify as a woman of any age who yearn to live more fully. My clients are women who are awakening to the highest version of themselves, desiring deeper connections with others, and preparing to use their gifts to inspire and heal the world.

Does Jennifer work with men?

Yes.  I will work with a few male clients each year. The men I accept into my programs are ready and willing to move into a more authentic, heart-centered way of life. During our sessions together, we will explore how to balance masculine and feminine energy, which resides in every individual. I believe that once balance is restored, healing occurs for not only the individual, but also the planet.  

What are Jennifer’s credentials?

I am a certified life coach and am being trained as a spiritual director through San Francisco Theological Seminary. I also hold a Master’s of Arts degree from Prescott College. Throughout my career, I have mentored and coached countless executives, managers, entrepreneurs, students, stay-at-home moms, and retirees who sought a more fulfilling life. Spirituality (non-religious) is central to my coaching.

Why should I work with Jennifer?

I have been where you are – from struggling to find connection and purpose – to falling in love with myself and the world around me. Because of my personal insights into what you are going through, we will be able to form a meaningful bond, enabling us to work through areas where you have been stuck.

I’ve decided I want to work with Jennifer. Now what?

Thank you for trusting me to guide you along this important journey! Please click on the link below to schedule your free 30-minute Discovery Session. From there, we will proceed with the right program for you.