Wooden path winding through forest

The Path to Coming Home – Part 1

My life transformed on the side of the road in Florida 16 years ago.

It was a hot afternoon and my boyfriend and I were driving through Florida on a 3-month road trip. As he drove my little, red Honda Civic down a busy street, he missed a turn, and I said to him, “Weren’t we supposed to turn there?” Without saying a word, he abruptly turned into a parking lot. He slammed on the brakes and screamed, “Get out!” Choking back tears, I asked, “What did I do?” He snapped, “You questioned me! Nobody questions me! Now get out, get your stuff and call your parents to come get you. I’m done with you.”

I screamed and pleaded with him not to leave me on the side of the road and somehow convinced him to “allow” me to continue the trip with him.

Humiliated and shaken, I silently looked out the passenger window reflecting on what had just happened, thinking about his countless other aggressive outbursts which had caused me to lose my friends, family, and self-worth. As I peered out the passenger window, I caught glimpses of families gathering for dinner, people laughing, and friends chatting on front porches. Their lives seemed happy and calm, far different than mine. I silently envied those people. I wanted their lives. In that moment, I told myself I was done with the abuse. In that moment, I chose me.

From that place of brokenness, I felt something from deep within telling me I was meant for more. I knew this “more” would never be found chasing love and happiness like I had been doing. I knew that I needed to go inward and as I did, I found this deep sense of love and familiarity. It was like, “Ah, there you are!”

I was home.

So many unexpected gifts emerged from that process. My anxiety practically disappeared, my confidence shot up, I found the courage to use my voice, people and opportunities just showed up, my relationships deepened, and I created a career that was true to me. All because I came home to myself.

This experience taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life –

When you come home to yourself, a power awakens from deep within. This power gives you the strength to overcome any challenge and create a life that’s meaningful and thriving.

So, how do you connect with this part of yourself? I’m going to share all the tools you need to spark this deep, inner awakening in my next blog: Path to Coming Home – Part 2. In the meantime, check out my Inspiration Page chockfull of coaching tips!