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What is a Soul-Centered Woman? (and why you want to be one)

“Soul-centered woman” is a term I coined to describe a woman who is aligned with her highest self and allows her soul to lead her life.

I define “soul” as the union between the Divine and your highest self. When you are guided by your soul, you are listening to both the Divine and your true self because you are One.

Your soul is love in its purest form and is connected to Infinite Wisdom. It has access to knowledge from the past, present, and future that your human brain can’t comprehend. That is why it is safe to allow your soul to guide you to your highest good. It knows what is best for you.

Being a soul-centered woman requires that you let go of control and hand over the reins.

Surrender doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It’s a bold act that tells the Divine you are ready to become a powerful co-creator. And when you are willing and ready to take this step, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you.


Why You Want to Be A Soul-Centered Woman

The benefits to being a soul-centered woman are abundant. Here are the top 8 reasons why you want to be a soul-centered woman.

When you are a soul-centered woman you…


Benefit 1: Make choices that honor yourself and feel right

When you are soul-centered, you make choices that feel right and honor yourself.

You no longer say yes to the things that don’t serve you or feel aligned. You only invest your time, energy, and resources into what lights you up.

It feels liberating and expansive when you pursue what feels aligned because you are no longer trapped by a life that doesn’t serve your highest good.

Pretending is exhausting and depleting. Aligning brings you peace, abundance, and well-being.


Benefit 2: Experience flow and synchronicity as you pursue what sets your soul on fire

When you are soul-centered, you are easily guided to your best life.

Long gone are the days of control, struggle, grinding, and manipulating to achieve success.

As a soul-centered woman, you’ve learned that you can only get so far on your own. When you connect with the Divine, things miraculously get easier.

Synchronicities – jaw-dropping coincidences and ease – become a daily occurrence. They remind you in the most stunning of ways that you have synced up with the Divine and are on the path to reaching your wildest dreams.  


Benefit 3: Transform your fears for the belief that anything is possible

When you are soul-centered, your fears transform into the belief that anything is possible.

You no longer fear the unknown. Instead, you feel excited for what’s to come because you know with every fiber in your being that whatever is on its way to you is going to be amazing.

When you are soul-centered, you drop out of your head and into your soul. By doing this, you understand that faith doesn’t come from the mind. It comes from the soul. With the soul, there is no figuring out or efforting. There is only flow.

Faith creates flow. When you have faith that anything is possible, you invite experiences that match that belief. You become a miracle magnet.


Benefit 4: Create stunningly beautiful relationships that mirror the love you have for yourself

When you are soul-centered, you create beautiful and healthy relationships that reflect the deep love you have for yourself.

You don’t look to others to give you the love you desire. You’ve fallen in love with yourself and know that you are the love you seek. As a result, you magnetize healthy, loving relationships that feel alive and expansive.

Because you are connected to your soul, you see others differently. You see the soul within the human and so you connect with their divinity.

The smallest of exchanges become magical encounters with the Divine.


Benefit 5: Prioritize your well-being and honor your body with ease

When you are soul-centered, you prioritize your well-being and honor your body with ease.

Your body is an extension of your soul and speaks to you through feelings and senses. Your soul knows this and so it inspires you to make choices that serve your optimum health.

Because you love your body, you follow your soul’s prompts and prioritize self-care.

By caring for your body – eating high vibration foods, drinking fresh water, resting, exercising, and loving it – your vibrancy and energy increase.


Benefit 6: Fall in love with yourself and life

When you are soul-centered, you fall in love with yourself and life.

The more you connect with your soul, the more you remember who you are. You awaken to the love within you and remember that you are a goddess because you come from God herself.

The Divine only births the exceptional, priceless, powerful, and miraculous because that is who she is. She makes no mistakes in who she births.

As you embrace your divinity, you see the divinity in all life. Suddenly, the world becomes magical and sacred. When this happens, you can’t help but fall in love with life.


Benefit 7: Abundantly compensated for doing what you love

When you are soul-centered, you are abundantly compensated for doing what you love.

Abundance is a state of being and is manifested when you balance both being and doing. But not just any ordinary being or doing. Abundance is about being who you truly are and doing what sets your soul on fire.

When you become soul-centered and embody abundance, abundance in the physical world flows to you.


Benefit 8: Deepen your connection to nature

When you are soul-centered, you feel inspired to connect more deeply with nature.

You are drawn to nature because it mirrors your true essence. You become one with nature.

Here, you gain the ability to attune to nature’s wisdom and power, amplifying your own growth and expansion for the benefit of the world.


A Final Note!

Being a soul-centered woman is the most fulfilling, expansive, abundant, and peaceful place from which you can live. It’s what the deeper part of you is craving, and it’s available to you right now!

Are you ready? Your soul will guide you to the life of your dreams if you let it.

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