Radically transform your relationship with money

Get ready to see things differently.

Shift your perception, transcend old patterns, and enter a new experience with money – one where you consistently have more than enough.

money isn't an external object.
it's a (sacred) relationship.

…once you learn this, manifesting physical wealth becomes SO much easier.

What Is Sacred Wealth?

Everything you see before you is made up of energy – energy that comes from the Divine, which is LOVE. In other words, everything is made up of LOVE…even money…especially money.

This breakthrough discovery is now taught in the digital course, Sacred Wealth.

Spiritual and Wealth Empowerment Coach, Jennifer Whitaker, will show you how to shift from experiencing money as an external object to something so much simpler – money is love.

When you learn how to accept this type of love, your relationship with money will immediately transform…the way you speak about it,  interact with it, trust it, and love it will change…forever.

What's Included:


Money Attachment

Discover your money attachment style – avoidant, attached, or secure.

Knowing this will help you become aware of your unconscious relationship patterns with money so you can finally attract and keep wealth.


Feeling Worthy

Your income is a reflection of how worthy you believe you are; therefore, you must first believe you are worthy of the wealth you are calling in before you can receive it.

Learn how to transform unworthiness on a soul level so that you can powerfully magnetize the wealth you desire. 


Repairing the Relationship

The beliefs, stories, and expectations about how money works for you can change in a moment through one understanding: money meets you at your expectations. It loves you so much that it will not override your free will. It will do whatever you expect it to do. 

Jennifer will show you how to regain your trust, improve your communication, and expect the best from money.


Falling in Love

Money loves you unconditionally. You don’t have to prove yourself, grind, or sacrifice your wellbeing for it to be there for you. 

In this module, you will learn how to open your heart to receiving this kind of love so you can relax and trust that you’ll always have more than enough. 


Calling in $10k

Move from inner work to aligned action. Experience first-hand the peace and exhilaration of knowing that abundance starts with you – that you are the source of your abundance. You lack nothing and have the ability to significantly increase your income right now.

You’ll be guided in this bonus on how to increase your income by $10,000 in 30 days.