"Jennifer is a genuinely caring person. Her ability to listen and ask thoughtful questions makes people feel very comfortable around her. Jennifer is a great leader and her ability to be vulnerable and guide women is truly a gift. I was impressed with her ability to see through to my true feelings just by hearing me talk about my story. And that was just in our first conversation!"
Anna Flora
Principal at Anna Flora Consulting
"Jennifer possesses visionary tendencies, eager to bring about positive change. She is equipped with curiosity, openly sharing her conviction to empower as many women who will listen. She has an innate ability to draw others in. She is a Truth Teller, speaking from a place that makes me feel valued, heard and appreciated."
"Doc" Wilson
Life Coach
"Working with Jennifer was a real gift! Her ability to not only listen deeply, but to ask thought-provoking questions and provide such helpful feedback gave me direction at a time I really needed it. She brings with her a wealth of experience, tools, and insight and helped me navigate my way to discover more of my authentic self. "
Tracy R.
Nonprofit Director