Blonde woman sitting in the grass wearing a red cape

How to Unlock Your Superpower

Our intuition is connected to our infinite wisdom – to the Divine. Our intuition has access to knowledge from the past, present, and future that our human brains can’t comprehend. She is our superpower. She will lead us to our highest good all of the time. She will guide us to the life of our dreams if we let her.

When we ignore our intuition, we abandon ourselves.

Strengthening your ability to discern and hear your intuition practice, but in time, you can learn to rely on her to guide you through our life.

Start by spending time in silence and listening to your intuition. Reflect on the times you heard her loud and clear. What did her voice sound like? Feel like? 

Next, remove the things that distract you from hearing her. This could mean eliminating poor habits or addictions. It may also mean creating some distance from voices that are not your own so that you can learn to hear your own truth. If you feel resistance to what your intuition is guiding you to do examine why. 

Lastly, keep a journal tracking your intuition – Think back on your day when your intuition guided you one way, and rather than following, you chose another path. Perhaps you listened to the opinion of others rather than your intuition. What happened? What did this show you? Notice how you felt when you followed your intuition and when you didn’t.

Practice = Transformation.

When you invest time and energy into this, these practices will become embodied in you.

That’s what happened to me.

For years, I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my chest. I tried everything to get rid of it. I went to therapy, practiced yoga, and meditated, but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I began to consciously speak to and practice strengthening my intuition that I realized – when I wasn’t aligned with my soul, my chest would tighten. 

I now embrace the tightness in my chest! It is my superpower guiding me to my highest good. How cool is that?!

You too have clues that are showing you what’s best for you. Begin tuning in to your body’s sensations as you practice strengthening your intuition. Rather than resist them, embrace them. You’re experiencing your superpower coming alive!