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Unlock Your Unlimited Potential with High Vibration Food

Everything you see before you is made up of energy, including you! All energy vibrates at a frequency. When you raise your vibrational frequency, you feel better – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. That’s because your soul vibrates at a high frequency.

Enlightenment – the highest form of connection with your soul – vibrates at 740 megahertz.

In other words, when you raise your frequency, the more aligned you are with your soul.

When your vibration is high and you align with your soul, you connect with infinite wisdom and compassion. You unlock your unlimited potential. You become a miracle magnet for abundance, creative ideas and solutions, well-being, love, and peace.

When you are aligned with your soul, anything is possible.

So, how do you raise your vibrational frequency?

Eating high vibration foods, drinking fresh water, meditating, praying, thinking positively, feeling grateful, and spending time in nature are just some of the ways to raise your vibration.

Removing the things that lower your vibration will raise your vibration too. Omit foods such as white sugar and flour, alcohol, foods and drinks packaged in plastic, meat, caffeine, sodas and sugary drinks, microwaved foods, processed foods, margarine, fake cheeses and meats, pasteurized cow’s milk, and tap and plastic bottled water.

6 Tips To Raise Your Vibration And Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

These tips can dramatically change your life by raising your vibration. Remember, you are what you eat, so being intentional about what you put in your body will affect your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

1. Eat High Vibration Foods

High vibration foods are foods that are whole, organic, fresh, colorful, non-GMO, in their natural state/unprocessed, not packaged in plastic, and plant-based.

Eat these foods to immediately raise your vibration:

  • Organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables
  • Raw herbs
  • Sprouts
  • Whole grains
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Healthy oils: coconut, almond, extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed
  • Raw cacao (no sugar added)
  • Herbal teas
  • Natural sweeteners: maple syrup, honey, and coconut sugar
  • Algae: spirulina, chlorella, and blue green algae
  • Fermented foods: kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, and apple cider vinegar
  • Raw, dehydrated, lightly steamed, and minimally processed food

2. Drink Plenty Of Fresh, Spring Water

Hydration is more than just a physical necessity. It has spiritual importance too.

Your body is made up of mostly water.

Drinking fresh, spring water brings you into alignment with your natural existence. Like water, you will begin to easily flow with life.

So, drink up!

3. Prepare Your Food With Love

Masaru Emoto illustrated with his groundbreaking research that when we focus our energy, intentions, thoughts, and words on an object, it physically transforms.

As you prepare your food, intentionally send love, joy, gratitude, and joy to it.

Doing this will boost your food with high vibrational energy.

4. Be Grateful

Gratitude – feeling appreciative, blissful, and euphoric for what you are experiencing – has one of the highest vibrational frequencies (540 megahertz).

As you just learned, when you focus high vibrational, appreciative thoughts and words onto your food, it takes on that good energy.

Before you eat, pause for a moment to express gratitude for your food and everything that aligned to make your meal possible.

5. Eat Consciously

Conscious eating is the art of being present while eating your food. Being present brings you into alignment with your soul. Conscious eating invites you to slow down and savor the spiritual experience of eating.

Slowly chew your food and taste its flavors, remove distractions like TV and social media so that you can be present with your food.

Life becomes sacred again when you transform ordinary acts into extraordinary experiences.

6. Eat Outside

Eating outside takes you out of your routine and awakens your senses to new surroundings and experiences.

When your senses come alive in this way, you will become present with your meal and connect to the soul of your food – to its origins…nature.

Eating outside is a sacred act of communing with Mother Nature. It’s an experience that aligns your soul and your body with nature’s pure, high vibrational energy.

Rather than habitually sitting down at the same place to eat indoors, take your food outside and allow nature to nourish your soul and body. 

A Final Note!

Raising your vibration doesn’t have to be hard. A few, simple shifts are all it takes to dramatically transform your life.

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