5 Ways To Feel Hopeful Right Now

Last week, my beloved yoga instructor passed away from complications related to COVID-19; the Hoffman Institute – a retreat center that has meant so much to me burned down in the California wildfires; and a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. As I tried to catch my breath after each punch to my gut, I looked around and noticed many other friends trying to gasp for air as well. They too were grappling with their own series of heart-breaking news as well as a pandemic, systemic racism, climate change, and a divisive political environment.

When we are faced with so much anger, loss, and grief, how do we have hope?

I asked myself this very question as I sat with my own feelings and listened to the cries of those around me. The breath of fresh air – the answer to my question – came to me in the form of a list. I am sharing that list with you so that it may inspire as much hope in you as it has for me.

If you put into practice any of these suggestions, I’d love to hear if it’s impactful! Send me a message!

5 Ways To Feel Hopeful Right Now

  1. Create a Hope Journal – Find a journal and dedicate it solely to hope. Every time you see or hear something that gives you hope, write it down in your journal. Read through your journal whenever you are feeling down.
  2. Notice overlooked miracles – Pause and reflect upon who is beating your heart and filling your lungs – how amazing is that?! Think about the tiniest microscopic organisms and billions of galaxies – how perfectly aligned our world is! Our bodies, insects, animals, plants, and the solar system all have a purpose – evidence that there is order in chaos! We are surrounded by extraordinary miracles that we’ve allowed to become ordinary. Commit to making the smalls things in life become the big things.
  3. Replace traditional news with positive, uplifting news – Traditional media focuses on the things that are wrong in the world; however, there are so many positive things happening in the world as well! Let’s focus on that! Tune into social media platforms such as @goodnews_movement and @tankgoodnews that illustrate the better side of humanity.
  4. List five things you are grateful for – Each day, write down five things you are grateful for. When you make this a consistent practice, you will start to search for things that make you feel grateful. You will literally begin to rewire your brain to feel more hopeful.
  5. Meditate – Research has shown that meditation has reduced crime in communities and even sparked peace treaties among warring nations. If a growing number of people in our world meditated (focusing on sending love and healing into the world), our planet would transform. You have the power to heal and bring hope to the world simply by meditating a few minutes each day!