Sun setting over a grassy field

The REAL You Underneath Your Identities

“We can relinquish our small identities to become someone who is beyond our own understanding.”

– Henri Nouwen

Boss, Mom, Wife, Partner, Friend, Daughter, Womxn – who are you outside of these identities?

When we connect with our soul – our true essence – we experience a freedom never experienced before.

When we commit to living authentically, we expand beyond the limitations of our small identities and become who we were truly created to be.

This is a magical, synchronistic, and abundant place from which to live. It’s where deep down we know we are meant to be and it’s accessible to us right now.

Start by noticing the highs and lows of your days. At the end of the day, notice your highs and lows. What drained your energy and what spoke to your soul? Make adjustments in your life to invite more of the things that bring you life and release the things that don’t.

This simple adjustment will begin to align you with your true essence. You’ll learn to hear to your inner voice and will begin to honor that voice by taking steps towards a life that’s true to you.