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The One Thing You Must Do Before You Pursue Your Dream

Before you pursue your dream, start that business, or hire a business coach, you must do your soul work.

If you want to create a brand that expresses who you truly are and attract your dream clients, if you want to build a business where things naturally fall into place, you must align with your soul and soul’s purpose.

To do what you were created to do requires you to first be who you were created to be.

Most of us do this backward and start with the doing. We then wonder why we are struggling to bring our dreams to fruition.

It’s because we aren’t partnering with the most powerful force in the universe…our soul.

Your soul is the infinite part of you that is connected to the Divine. It’s the part of you that is pure wisdom, abundance, and love. It knows what’s best for you.

When you align the essence of who you are with your life, you connect with the divine order of things, and the connections, resources, and ideas that nobody else has thought of flow naturally to you. You become a magnet for these things.

When you are aligned, brilliant ideas will just come to you, you will receive clarity on the direction you need to go, you will meet the right people to help you further your vision, you will attract the perfect clients, opportunities will open up, and things will fall into place synchronistically. This is where true and lasting fulfillment, joy, and flow reside. This is where things get REALLY fun!

Does this mean that you will never face a roadblock or encounter an obstacle?


However, when obstacles do emerge, you will be equipped to move through them more easily than if you weren’t aligned. You will see the roadblock as a spiritual lesson for your growth rather than a hindrance. Because you are connected with your inner wisdom, you will receive clear guidance on how to move through the obstacle.

If you would like to align with your soul, but feel like something has been holding you back, I invite you to take my 60-second quiz, “What’s Blocking You From Living Life to the Fullest?” Receive a free downloadable workbook following the quiz with steps to help you transform your exact blocks and align with your soul.